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The EAI Industry Consortium wishes to offer a most heartfelt expression of sympathy and support to the families and friends of the victims in the terrorist attack in Madrid.

In memory of the victims of terrorism Madrid, March 11, 2004.

The EAI Industry Consortium, is a non-profit, global advocacy group which champions Integration Acumen by establishing standards, guidelines, best practices, research and the articulation of strategic and measurable benefits.

"Dedicated to the quest for measurable business value"

Integration Spotlight

Introducing the EAIIC Analyst Corner
This months feature

Best-of-Breed EAI Management
Indentifying Best-of- Breed characteristics for EAI management products

Synopsis  or  Read the entire document (EAIIC members only)
A new EAIIC White Paper by Steve Craggs

Wireless Data Services - Technologies, Business Models, and Global Markets
A new book by Chetan Sharma

Enterprise Integration Patterns
A new book by Gregor Hohpe

Next Generation Application Integration: From Simple Information to Web Services
A new book by David Linthicum

This and more found at EAI Solution Tools

Want to get involved with EAI Industry Consortium

The Total Business Integration (TBI) Methodology

First created at Johnson & Johnson for enterprise use, and now in use at Best Buy and other organizations, is currently proposed as the basis for a global integration best practice by the EAI Industry Consortium. The TBI methodology will evolve over time through a number of workshops and activities being driven by EAIIC Methodology Committee (John Schmidt, Chair) and the EAIIC Best Practices Committee (Steve Fields, Chair). Even more exciting is the fact that the first version of TBI is now available for EAIIC members.

Simply Click Here to download the methodology; any of the 22 template documents.

To view the Table of Contents of the TBI Methodology Overview(Public) Click Here

Fall 2003 Activity Overview

Review what the EAI Industry Consortium has been up to, what we are currently working on and some of the initiatives we have planned. Become active in your integration industry and drive education, standards, collaboration and change! If you are interested in taking a leadership role in one of the potential projects and sharing your knowledge with others, please contact Leanne MacDonald, Executive Director at lmacdonald@eaiindustry.org or any of our EAIIC members.

EAI Industry Consortium
Questions and Answers

By Michael Kuhbock, Co Chairman & Founder, EAI Industry Consortium

Enterprise application integration (EAI) sounds extremely wide in its scope. How would you define it and how can it benefit business?

Your aim as a global advocacy group is to promote enterprise EAI. So what is your strategy for achieving this?

How active is the EAI Industry Consortium globally and are there any integration issues that affect specific regions in particular?

Does the level or extent of EAI technology use differ in Asia, Europe or the Americas?

The EAI market can be said to be a huge industry itself these days. Where so you think it can go from here?

What do you see as the main challenges facing vendors in the integration market?

How can these challenges be best overcome?

What about the end-users? What are the main problems they are facing when looking for or implementing an integration solution?

Do you know of any new products or solutions in development that will raise the bar on integration?

What developments would you like to see in the future?

Click here for the answers...

About EAI

EAI, or Enterprise Application Integration is, simply put, the integration of applications at the enterprise level.
EAI can be described as